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01-30-2010, 02:54 PM
Originally Posted by buddah7118
holy crap, a EVE player admitting that PVP in EVE is mainly griefing

(not that it isnt well knoen already, just that its usually "no thats not thr only reason we" lol)
Hehe it is, bben playing for 3 years on and off.

Head to the tama system and dock. you wish you didnt do that. High chance i was there waiting for you to undock in my harbinger with tech 2 stuff, aligned to a POS, would have a few friends out side. Once you undocked you were smelted in mere seconds regardless the ship and gear you had. oh yeah we would loot you dry and warp off, or just wait if we had a few battleships with sensor boosters and a few carriers healing us up.

Gate camping, Gate pouncing, forcing mission runners to shoot me while i stole their loot just to come back with a ship and kill then to take their epic gear and sell it on the market.

Yeah i done it all. I can garantee you, there is NO fair pvp in eve, and if there is ever a fair fight, one of the fleet commanders did somthing very very wrong.

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