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Picked me up one of these BOffs today on the exchange, since I had some EC saved up... she looks like a Borg-ified T'Pol (hotttt ).

Anyhoo, I opened the req pack up, and went to change her uniform... it says she's a Starfleet officer, yet she only has access to Romulan outfits. Yet, she also has access to the "Seven of Nine" accessories.

This just strikes me as... odd. More like, unexpected... I was banking on having to put her in some sort of FED clothing option (like my Android BOff), but nope!!!

Has anyone else experience this... "issue" with this particular BOff? Thanks!!!
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07-10-2014, 11:46 PM
Not an isolated thing. You can only equip her with Romulan Uniforms, and I think you are restricted from using fed/kdf aligned uniforms and the Tal Shiar uniforms as well, unless you are playing as a Romulan.

You can use (Romulan) zen store or cross-faction uniforms though. The Lobi Rom I have for my Fed character is currently wearing a TNG Romulan uniform, for instance.

Still, she the only boff Fed and KDF players can get that can utilize the Romulan uniforms-kinda like the diplomacy boffs (and the marauding boffs, when they get around to that) in that regard, though unfortunately with a max of one per character, and only coming in one gender and profession....

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07-11-2014, 01:43 PM
Ah, okay... well, I'm kinda fine with that. She's on my Romulan toon's account, so only being allowed to wear Rommy uniforms works for the best. She has the Tal Shiar uniform on, at the moment.

Kinda wanted to put her in the T'Pol Jumpsuit, and since she's technically a Starfleet officer, it seems a little... inconsistent. But, I can get over all of that very easily.

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