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# 1 STO Combatlog format
01-30-2010, 04:43 PM
Hi I got this based on Champions Online. Can anyone tell me if this differs from STO.


The timestamp is first. It represents the client's local time when receiving a particular event, rounded to the nearest 1/10th of a second.

It's format is "YY:MMD:HH:mm:ss.s"

Following the timestamp is a pair of colons "::" as a separator from the event data.


The event data is a comma-separated list containing the following fields:

Display name of owner
Internal name of owner
Display name of source
Internal name of source
Display name of target
Internal name of target
Display name of event
Internal name of event
Base magnitude

Display names
Display names are the common non-unique user-visible names (after translation, in the case of the event's display name).

Internal names
Internal names are a unique name in the case of entities, or the message key in the case of the event.

Type is the gameplay "type" of the event, such as fire, slashing, toxic, hitpoints, power, etc. These are not translated, and as a result may be different than the names displayed in the game.

Flags are various flags related to the event, separated with a '|'. The current possible flags include Immune, Critical, Dodge, Block, Miss, Flank, Pseudo and Kill.

Magnitude is the effective (post-resistance) magnitude of the event. It does not include correction for overkill or overheal.

Base magnitude
Base magnitude is written as 0 if it's the same as the magnitude, or a non-zero value if it is different than the magnitude.


In the case that the source is the same entity as the owner, the display name of the source is empty, and the internal name of the source is the '*' character

In the case that the target is the same as the source, the same rules apply.

Events with the Miss flag have no Type

"Shield" events are a Shield effect absorbing damage. For these events the magnitude is the damage the Shield itself suffered as a result of the absorbtion, and the base magnitude is the damage the Shield prevented from being dealt.

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