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Hey can anyone let me know if anti-aliasing is available on ATI based cards, or even more specifically Raedeon 3600 series - odd question? here's why -

I was playing in open beta and enjoying STO quite a bit. I'm also a Champions Online player. Got back in town after STO beta ended, and fired CO back up, got a big patch called "Kitchen Sink" they applied over there mid week - and if you're a CO player you know that patch has not been well received for many "things it broke" reasons. Among them - anti-aliasing is no longer available on some cards - it's been disabled as an option. There is plenty of forum discussion speculation that a lot of the issues with that CO patch are related to Cryptic trying to get some common architecture between the two games (which makes perfect sense to me, if they can pull it off well and more efficiently support both, then good on them).

However, right now, I really don't want to buy into a STO subscription if it is going to have similar graphical "crippling" on my card as I have over in CO. The lack of an anti-aliasing option has really reduced the visual quality of that game, and I'd hate to come over here to STO and find out that I'm going boldy where many horrifying graphic jaggies have gone before....

If anyone is running a 3600 series ATI card and can let me know whether the anti-aliasing is available in the STO video options, I'd really appreciate it!

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