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01-30-2010, 04:33 PM
Originally Posted by Stelakh View Post
And this is a broader issue I have with MMO's in general.

I think that games like Guild Wars and Eve have it exactly right. Either you pay for the game, or you pay for game time. Not both. i don't know any other MMO handles it in this manner (there may be others. I'm not a big MMO player - perhaps folks who play other MMO's can fill in the blanks).

With Guild Wars you pay for the games and expansions and gameplay is free. With Eve you pay the monthly fee and downloading the game is free.

So in the most technical sense, every single one of us that got charged the second we paid for the game to the tune of at least 50-60 bucks has already paid to play head start and beta. Again, anything else is just splitting hairs.

And, being paid players, it's no wonder people are annoyed.
I think most people who have played MMOs expected a few hours of downtime though.

Whether it was unavoidable or not, we do not know. I'm sure Cryptic would love to have the game running 24/7 and never shut down except for when they are patching things in and whatnot, but it just isn't possible.
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01-30-2010, 04:37 PM
I was offensive not defensive.
We oppose you caus few people like whiners.
If you dont like a few bugs and some down time, start playing in a year, this game is great, it will still be here then.
if you borrow the braincell in your own famaly, it might know that STO is running smoothly comparred to all other MMOs ever made. so your OP... well one could say... It makes no Sence!

Ask away, server is still down

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