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People cant really handle downtime at all. I am wondering if people quit their jobs and bought a lifetime sub so they can live out their Trekkie fantasies in the comfort of home.

People are freaking out over a couple hours. Its still early in its life. No MMO can perfectly forecast what is going to happen at launch. Wow didnt, ask the population of Khadgar what it was like early on. Same with **** and any big name MMO that has come out in the last few years. It happens. Suck it up, walk away from the game for a few days and come back when it all is running smoother.

If you play something at launch its going to be rough. This is a fact for any MMO out there that has any sort of release hype.

Get some fresh air. Nothing you do is going to get you to the level cap first. I promise, you're better off relaxing or going to play an established MMO for the first few days if you are getting stressed over the same thing that happens during every launch.

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