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# 1 The Zerg Problem
01-30-2010, 05:02 PM
Given that the "Death Penalty" thread is a horrible den of confusion, I'm making this thread. This isn't to discuss how to punish people from dying or talk about game difficulty. I'm hoping to bring this to the attention of the devs so they can solve this before things get worse.

The current problem as it stands:

Because you can respawn very quickly and rejoin a fight almost instantly, players are going full power to weapons and loading out ships for pure dps, killing as much as they can until they die (if they die), then respawning and finishing off the survivors. This has become the fastest way to clear missions, and more players are catching on.


This and other aspects of gameplay strongly rewards players to focus entirely on doing the most damage possible and ignore any abilities or strategies that do not involve firing the biggest guns possible. Science Vessels and Cruisers, while playable, are unnecessary to any kind of party, and would be better replaced with an escort that would do more damage, which would allow you to clear the mission quicker.


Do not allow players to respawn until everyone in the party is out of combat, either because they all died, or because the last enemy has fallen. If there are any enemies left in a given squadron, and they leave combat, all enemies in that squadron should respawn and return to full hull/shields.

Doing this would ensure that a team cannot purely zerg a group, as they can't suicide run and pick off one ship at a time. This would also make it easier to tweak overall game difficulty, since as it stands, no matter how the game is balanced you can defeat any encounter by simply throwing bodies at it until it dies.

I'm not asking to restart the entire mission, just the given squadron (i.e. 3 Birds of Prey and a Cruiser)

Just this change would be enough to fix the issue without an oppressive death penalty.

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