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Well, I've been playing the Beta, i had good fun there, was ok, server's were stop and start, expected in any beta, really. But now this is the headstart, this is AFTER Beta, this is where the game is meant to take flight and not be buggy for the players of the brand new, MMORPG

I was running a mission today, and the server went down just as I was reaching the final part, i got disconnected obviously, and upon logging in again, (hours later, i might add) i had to restart the mission from scratch, loads of fun? I think not.

The servers have just gone down again, and ontop of the obscene amounts of lag, the bugs which haven't been fixed since day 1 of beta (and yes, i've been tracking the bug reporter, so don't bother linking it) and god knows what else, I'm just getting all round frustrated with the game.

So, this is a formal complaint, and I wish to have my character removed from the game, my account deleted and all of my money refunded.

if you cannot refund my money, then don't bother closing my account, i've seen cryptic do tricks like that before, and leaving people in the dark and thus people not getting refunded.

Any other players with the same complaints and the same wishes as mine are free to post here, that way they're all collected in one area, to make it EVEN EASIER for the company to refund their customers. (though they'll no doubt find a way to mess that up)

I appreciate the attempt at a Star Trek Online game, but to use an already failed company to run it just isn't the best way.


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