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# 1 Team and Loot Settings
01-30-2010, 05:16 PM
I generally keep my settings the default unless I want to tackle a mission solo. Random teaming is fun because the difficulty of the ships is bumped up a couple notches. However, I cannot seem to figure out if you can tell what the loot settings are if you are added into a team.

On the screen where we can set what we want, there is also a frame that says current team settings. I am not sure if this is what YOUR current settings are, or the team you are currently in. I thought it was the team I was in, but now I wonder. I was in a team with only 2 other players, and after 5-6 loot drops on supposedly "round robin" setting, they were all white for me. Strange, I thought.

I just want to understand the system. Anybody else notice this? If the current settings aren't really the current settings, does anybody know where you can find them?

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