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01-30-2010, 05:21 PM
With the load running they should really think about bringing some more hardware online. Its only going to get worse in the next few weeks.

Having gone though more than a few post wow mmo launches though I understand Cryptics issue. About half of the people here wont be here in 3 months. They will get but hurt that they dont start at level 90 or get 10 purples everyday for just logging in or that the graphics are too realistic looking and not cartoony enough, or insert anyone of a million and one reasons I've heard from people running back to wow.

So the pickle Criptic is in is simple. Do you bring more hardware in to handle the strain of the gigantic population and then your stuck with this massive expense and no real long term profit when half of that load runs back to WoW cause they have "insert latest B list tv star from 80's here" do some massive commercial blitz and hand out some idiotic thing (mohawk grenades....nuff said) and they leave. Good chance since wow is planning an expansion to launch relatively close to the STO release date.

Either way be patient eventually this problem will fix itself. Either the pop stays high and justifies more hardware or the pop goes down to a level were the hardware can handle it.

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