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01-30-2010, 11:54 AM
Originally Posted by NathanK
hmm i dont think any of the passive/innate ones are working actually - just popped in game .. the one that gives 10% kinetic etc.. resist doesn't even show up on that screen that tells you the % resists you have
Could make sense. My Klingon has all the ground pvp resists (knockback, root, tun etc) and im getting bounced around between people like a rubber ball.
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01-30-2010, 12:25 PM

Acording to Al Rivera

"When ranked up, most skills come with a Stat bonus number. Typically, this number is the bonus applied to the items or abilities that use that stat. For instance...
Starship Energy Weapons Training: 17
Starship Beam Weapons: 22
Starship Cannon Weapons: 28
Starship Phaser Weapons: 36
Starship Disruptor: 40
That says there is a 17% damage bonus to all Energy Weapons, a 22% damage bonus to all Beam Weapons, a 28% bonus to all cannons weapons, and so on. Use a Phaser Cannon and the total damage bonus would then be 17 + 28 + 36 = 81%. Use a Disruptor Beam Array and the total damage bonus would be 17 + 22 + 40 = 79%. "

He adds these up as percentages. In the description they are not described that way. One could come to believe that all the + stats are percentages. Al Rivera = Lead Designer. One can only hope.
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01-30-2010, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by sparkeh86 View Post
The Efficiency trait isnt working indeed. I can confirm that at least for the liberated Borg.

Anyone actually know what my first question was though?

It would be nice if the game explained this...

Im basically trying to figure out what is better out of the Borg Efficiency or the Joined-Trill Symbiote.
Neither. Both. It depends.

The joined Trill gets their bonuses and the Borg gets theirs. It all depends on what most matters to you. You have the list for both, so you can get in game and look at those skills, take some notes on what they affect, and then figure out which way to go from there.
If a species is giving you a bonus in something that you want, there is no reason not to take it, unless you already had your mind made up to play as something else, in which case it wouldn't matter, or if you are trying to use those abilities to compensate for something and strike a balance, which would require you to make those notes, anyway.
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01-30-2010, 02:24 PM
Originally Posted by Neuman View Post
I've got Efficient on an alien and it does not appear to be working. I filed a bug report.
I would like to know what the official response is to your bug report. Please post it when support responds. As far as I can tell the trait isn't working.
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My understanding through a recent cryptic interview is that the numeric value is an added percent increase..

3.5 points = 3.5% but not sure that the BOffs actually effect that in space or ground combat, since there is no true status window that has an all inclusive information screen. Thus there are so many posts asking for information. aybe that is a hint to finnaly make / create a window that collects and adds up all of this information, pl,ease.
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01-30-2010, 03:24 PM
Ok to the best of my knowlede...Open beta fairly extensive testing (about 100 hours - and not trying to rush through content)

The traits will not show effect untill you train in that skill. For warp core - mine didn't show till I had trained in that skill.

So where does it show? Notin sector space. Even shields don't show there. If you look at the power bars...for those powers set below 75% - you will see a bit of green above the gold. At 25% you see the most and it goes up from there...(but you have to be in a system to see it).

With weapons at 100, shields at 50 aux and engines at 25% I saw like 30-32 for the 25% ones and like 52 to 53 on shields...CruiserCaptain in a Mranda. I don't remember exactly how far I had trained. And servers down atm.

For efficiency will not see them till you train in those skills...please note they are Commander - or third rank skills. You will not see their effect till your a Commander and can actually train in that skill...Even the most hard core will take a few days to get there. a third rank skill/trait you will get the most effect from that trait...for those skills that have LT basic skill, Lt Cmdr general catagory and then Commander specific skill.

They are probably working....

Even the general Captain skill will not show in sector space - the one that increases hull...or a % increase to shields etc

Hope that helps and answers most of the question.

The traits and skill will show on the BO's and your character - look at the skills page press U then select skills...there are several NEW pages added since open beta.
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01-30-2010, 08:52 PM
OK, I think I see now. So the joined symbiote trait is good for everyone, but helps science characters the most, while the efficiency trait is mainly for engineers?

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