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01-30-2010, 10:08 PM
Originally Posted by USSZenica
What century is this? If I can order servers from DELL and have them at my house in 12 days, then what's
Cryptics excuse? If the technological means is there, the infrastructure is there and the people capable
of doing the needed work, what is the excuse? Pure and simple ---- greed. You may accept that as
the norm, I and others do not. Since it isn't a lack of available hardware or code and the only explanation left is greed, I see no reason to let them off the hook.
Does corporate greed exist? Oh most certainly. Do the devs have executives pushing them to release a product as soon as possible. Absolutely. Is it conceivable that you can launch a perfectly smooth MMO with no downtime, bugs, or crashes? Nope.

And that was my point. Every time this happens there is a handful of posts raging about the downtime. My argument was, downtime is always to be expected in an MMO game, especially at launch. I was not postulating to the cause of said downtime.

I do promise you, the "greedy" ones are not reading these forums at all. Its just the devs, who are going "Yes dammit, we know we need more hardware and all the crap and we are doing the best we can within what we are given." Being a support tech in a very much similar situation, I say lets cut the poor guys some slack.

You know what else is a given in MMO's? That they do become more stable over time.

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