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# 1 More Communication!!!
01-30-2010, 10:56 PM
Ok Devs, I don't want to be a *****/whiner/troll. But PLEASE, please, please!!! We need some communication here. The entire community here has been pretty much left in the dark with the current progress/situation/status of the game.

We rarely (if ever) get notification of when there is going to be a patch, it takes forever, sometimes never to see what is included in the patch. We need to know what is going on and we need to be kept in the loop. If like you said, you want to improve the game based on what the players/community wants, and not what the shareholders/investors want then please keeps us informed. When there is going to be a down time, please let us know the reason for it. When down time is scheduled, please let us know ahead of time. When there is a server issue, please inform us.

I still believe that you guys have done a pretty good job, if not a great job, up to this point. But sometimes, if not a majority of the time, a great many of us feel like mushrooms, we're left in the dark. If we could please have someone dedicated to keeping the public informed of the goings on with the game it would be very greatly appreciated.

Thank you and continue with all the good things that have come from the game so far.

I do however, suggest that anyone who shares my point of view to please express their opinions tastefully in this thread.

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