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# 1 Easy!!!
01-30-2010, 11:02 PM
Seriously this game has gotten too easy. The hostage ship, one of a players first tough battles was so easy I just set my guns to auto fire and went to the bathroom. (My fiance held the D button down to keep me facing the ship)

In the open beta I actually had to manage my abilities, shift power around and use emergency power to shields etc etc.

Now, I put all my energy to my guns, come to nearly a full stop and just sit their and nuke everything in sight. I've done several fleet actions solo now. Completely solo- They're fleet actions for a reason.

I've done a few deep space encounters solo as well. Rush right into a group of ships and eventually I get overwhelmed but by that time half the spawn is dead.

Turn up the difficulty, it's to frakkin' easy. I want to use my abilities like rotate shileds, Emer power to shileds, I want to feel like there's a reason for even repeatedly dragging those abilities to my tool bar even though my buttons STILL KEEP DISAPPEARING FROM MY TOOLBAR EVEN THOUGH THE LAST BUG REPORT I SENT IN SAID THAT PROBLEM HAD BEEN RESOLVED.

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