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My friend and I have been going threw the missions we have done several missions with no problem. However we have run to a bug or 2 along the way. We both completed the patrol the Risa Sector warped to sector space and managed to find Sulu and a attempted to turn in the quest.

We turned in the quest received the skill points, merits etc however we did not receive then quest item in our inventory. Ok no biggy we thought we will submit a ticket to get it corrected. So we submitted a ticket and a few hours later we received a canned response stating they needed more. We both scratched our heads wondering what information we where missing because we included the quest name and the item that went missing.

What it basically comes down if your going to ask for more information please included what information in your canned responses or contact the user in game to inquire the missing information. We both have leveled pass the usefulness of the quest at this point. I just wanted to point out a flaw in your customer service model.

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