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# 1 To all the fanbois...
01-30-2010, 11:27 PM
Ya know we all get MMO's have rocky launches and rough patches but seriously.. two crashes in a single day numerous bugs still in game and yet all the fanbois still praising Cryptic and STO. Just wondering how long you can make excuses before you realize STO is no better than CO. Yea it's Trek and we all love it but if I slap a Star Trek emblem on a pile of crap it doesn't make it smell any less. Cryptic really needs to get there stuff together because this isn't there first MMO yet every one of their MMO's I play seem to have a lot in common when it comes to problems. And yes this is a headstart and technically not payed time yet but if you think come tuesday the problems will magically disappear you're dilluding yourselves. If anything they will be much much worse. But by all means keep pretending everything is fine and all the masses that come to the forums with complaints are just idiots and haters. I'm sure that'll comfort you when in 6 mos you're the only ones still playing because of you're foolish rush to hand over 250 for a lifetime. I'm sure you'll find even more comfort when if these problems persist you go to log in around month 10 and find out theres nothing to log into. I'm done now feel free to flame away.

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