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In all fairness, science ships and cruisers own the ship yards as far as the iconic trios and tier 5 ships. the only way to get more decent escorts is through the events and lockboxes. Escorts get the Fleet MVAE, Fleet Patrol and Fleet Tactical Refit ans the only eally decent choices. After that, they have the Aquarius and a tier 2 refit, both of which are just novelty ships. I don't count the Carrier or Chimera as escort ships for the same reason I don't really count the Avenger as a cruiser because they are more hybrid ships with more unique play styles. Now with cruisers. Cruisers have the Fleet Star Cruiser, Assault Cruiser, Support Cruiser, Exploration Cruiser, Galaxy X, Four different oddyseys (the original plus three variations) and a fleet heavy retrofit to top it all off. Science Captains Have the three Vesta type ships, fleet reconnaissance science vessel, fleet deep space science vessel, fleet science vessel retrofit, fleet long range science vessel retrofit, the fleet research science vessel retrofit, and the dyson destroyers which also number three. You will notice I didn't include any non traditional federation vessels such as the andorian or caitian ships, and this is because I consider them more novelty ships. some might say then that the dyson ships are the same so I will throw them into the same category for this count:
Standard Federation Vessels (Tier 5) numbers by type:
Escorts-5 (not including andorian which would put the count at 8)
Science-8 (not including dyson ships which would put the count at 11)
Mixed play style-3
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Originally Posted by sador View Post
I hope the devs don't take this the wrong way, but the Regent looked like ass warmed over. The nacelles are salvageable, but the rest is just...what were you thinking?
Really? Cause I thought it was a step up from the Sovereign. Personally I thought they could of done better when they created the Sovereign to replace the Galaxy.

But thats my personal opinion. And I remember plenty of people crying that the Defiant was an ugly piece of crap when it was first introduced.
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Another Google zombie! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

*sweeps thread with plasma flamethrower*
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Originally Posted by sinn74 View Post
Maybe if the expansion was as great as they claim, people wouldn't be anywhere near Japori. Just sayin'.
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The only free science ship we've ever gotten was the.......

sorry couldn't name a ship there because the are none
(the dyson sci destroyer is not truely science, it has CLEAR routes to tactical)

also, the nebula doesn't count because it's normally c-store and was not event exclusive or anything
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Originally Posted by stephane2258 View Post
Hi, here another special ship for tactical officers! The current Duty Officer Pack Promo give you a chance to win a Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, an escort class. The Breen ship in the Winter Festival is a cruiser, yes, but with a high turn rate but less hull, more tactical officers/consoles, so a tactical ship. The Summer Festival ship is a frigate, so tactical ship. The 1000 days subscription is a destroyer, so a tactical ship. Do I forget any?

Why not a big engineer cruiser for a tank or a good science ship, from time to time. Yes my main is a tactical, with the 1000 days ship. Yes I have created a second one just so that one use de Breen ship. But I also have a science and an engineer on the Federation side. On the Klingon side, my main is an engineer and my second a tactical. On the Romulan side I have a science and an engineer officer. And I like to play them all!

But it would be fun to have some good ships for other classes from time to time. I gave the Summer Festival ship to my engineer, is a race ship, tweak for speed:-) But I will not really use it, unless they do a sub-warp speed race event.

So please, think about it for the next special ships...

what are the mechanics of 99% of your space missions? what do they consist of? Oh, yeah..

Kill Mobs.

sometimes there's "Scan five things, then kill five mobs" sometimes it's Kill mob/scan thing/kill more mobs, sometimes it's "Kill, kill, kill, kill, scan,kill, scan, boarding action kill, landing party kill, kill kill."

and of course, most of the endgame content is "Kill ****, as fast as you can, wait for the cooldown timer because people were doing it too fast, now kill more ****."

there's no reason for people to WANT anything that isn't "Kill more ****" focused.
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