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07-18-2014, 04:55 AM

Who is responsible for that abomination of a Doffing-UI and has that person in question ever played the game or used the doffing system before?


What's wrong with those people who decided it was a good idea to release that beforementioned monster onto holodeck?
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07-18-2014, 08:18 AM
Originally Posted by venkou View Post
Could you petition these people on behalf of your consumers?


I do not know about anyone else, but I do have a serious hearing problem. As a result of a childhood surgery, scar tissue has wrapped around my right eardrum. I struggle to hear past mumbling sounds, for my ear does not vibrate appropriately. My left ear has a similar issue, but the problem occurs less frequently.

Do you guys provide transcripts for people with handicaps?
We don't do that but if we can do a highlight reel for the interview I'll put subtitles in
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07-18-2014, 08:24 AM
Originally Posted by puttenham View Post
which is the real reason they are getting rid of the exploration clusters.. it had nothing to do with being broken, or people not likeing them, cause if that was the case they would have axed them forever ago..

it had to do with the collection of crafting material. its easier to remove it, than to explain why you can no longer farm it..

in my humble opinion, (not to go off topic on this thread) this game is not healthy enough (content wise) to remove anything. it needs all it can muster.. lol.
This was answered in the dev blog that talked about it their reason was basicly "We don't want the newbies to see how pathetic it is"
CVN-65 U.S.S. Enterprise - A ship so badass it survived John McCain.
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07-18-2014, 09:45 AM
The new doff UI,and the new crafting system, have been universally disliked by the players when it was still on Tribble,why go forward and put these atrocious pieces of game design on Holodeck without any changes?

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07-18-2014, 11:44 AM
A 'few' questions....


- Will we ever see another Reman ship in between the Scimitar and the Scorpion? Quite a gap, that-fighter and dreadnought, with nothing in-between.

- Will there ever be a fleet refit of the Vulcan D'Kyr? Will there ever be any other Vulcan ships?

- Since the Xindi are members of the Federation, that makes their lockbox ships cross-faction. Will we be seeing more faction ships I nthe future available across factions? Will we be seeing Starfleet captains using B'rels or a Klingon piloting a D'Deridex?

Duty Officers

- Will there ever be doff contacts on New Romulus specifically for recruiting Romulans and Remans? Right now it's easier to get a full Vulcan or full Gorn crew on a Romulan ship than a Romulan or Reman one.

- Some species such as Paradans and Karemmans Acamarians look drastically different than they do on the shows, any chance this will be fixed?

- Is there a possibility for a toggle to switch back to the old UI?

Bridge Officers

- Will there ever be customizable Embassy bridge officers? I this was mentioned before by the devs....but never seems to have materialized.

- Will there ever be a way to 'upgrade' bridge officers like the companions in Neverwinter?

- Will there ever be a way to reclaim Satra, Hiven, etc if they are dismissed? This, along with their quality makes them seem kind of like dead weight in the bridge officer roster.

- Since Xindi are federation members and the new Xindi bridge officer is available to all factions, will we be seeing more faction bridge officers as cross-faction?

- There are a lot of Bridge officers that are limit one per character, and available in only one profession. This makes 'theming' your bridge crew rather difficult. Will this policy ever be eased up on? If we can have multiple Breen/Jem'Hadar/Xindi/Voth etc ships, why are we stuck with a maximum of one bridge officer of each species? And why is their profession fixed?

- Romulan Bridge officers are rather....difficult to aquire, particularly high-quality ones. The duty officer mission that recruits them seems to be extraordinarily rare-the Reman one even more so. I have never seen the mission appear, despite knowing where it shows up and frequenting there on a regular basis. Any thoguhts to making these Bridge officers more easy for Romulan players to aquire?

- Romulan and Reman Bridge officers are powerful. Are there any plans for making the other species such as Gorn, Vulcans, Bolians, etc etc. more useful through traits?

- Will there ever be Yridian, Dosi, Paradan's etc?


- Any developments on the idea of letting Bridge officers use off-duty uniforms?

- The new Lobi store items let non-federation members use federation (xindi) uniforms. Will this be a trend for things to come? will the Lobi Romulan be changed to unlock one or more Romulan uniforms for Federation/KDF characters?

- Will the Jem'Hadar, Breen, Voth etc Bridge officers ever be customizable? There are several episodes that show that the models can handle using other uniforms, will we ever be able to put them in our faction uniforms?


- Will the timers/exhorbant costs be reduced?

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07-18-2014, 11:52 AM
My tac officer can have 101.9% crit chance and 240% crit severity by itself. Who thought that being possible was a good idea? Is motivation bugged?
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07-18-2014, 11:59 AM
Why was the DOFF UI made so needlessly big and turned into a scroll a thon when before you could easily see all assignments at once?

Why does the "crafting" system give you Zero information on what you are "crafting" / Why would I craft something if I have no idea what I am outputting

Why as a ROMULAN am I restricted to the bland, limited KDF color palette - still.
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# 98
07-18-2014, 12:34 PM
What improvements can we look forward to with the new doff system?
(Trying to keep it positive.)
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07-18-2014, 12:48 PM
Will Cryptic's development staff ever actually listen to feedback on Tribble that isn't cheerleader-positive, if so, when? if not, why have the test server open to playtesting?

Is Cryptic ever going to hire a Quality Assurance staff to catch new bugs before they populate to Holodeck, since they apparently didn't notice them on Tribble (Possibly because few players, after the experiences of LoR, Season 8, etc. don't bother anymore since feedback is sent to the circular file...)

When will Cryptic stop following a reactive model regarding defects in their releases, and start taking proactive steps to insure functionality Before Release Day? Since Season 7, the 'reaction times' have gotten worse, in spite of vaunted larger staffing-is this staff trained??

Since the departure of Branflakes, CM response to negative reactions on Holodeck Release day has been poorer than it was before Season 7's release. Could you maybe get your CM some help, or maybe not do this releasing-buggy-untested-content until a day your CM isn't on vacation, sick, or away from their post?

Would it NOT be nice if you didn't have to do damage-control all the time? If, say, the relatively smooth function of the 9 release were more typical than the torches-and-pitchforks reaction seen on the forums after this release?

Have you considered putting your personnel through Lean Manufacturing seminars and examining 'pull' as opposed to 'push' production as a means of streamlining your revenue stream and improving customer experience?
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I play KDF, because being a genocidal maniac works better with Klingons, than explaining it as a member of Starfleet.

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07-18-2014, 12:54 PM
Mr. Rivera,

One of the biggest complaints about the new R&D system is the random nature of the mods you get from it. Specifically, space weapon Mods. However, while I think three of the mods (Acc, CrtD, and CrtH) all have times when they are useful, no one seems to like the [Dmg] Mod. It does not scale and does not seem to add the level of DPS that the other standard mods do.

Is there any chance that [DMG] could be removed from the pool of mods for R&D and lockbox weapons, until such time [DMG] is reworked to have a DPS level similar to that of the other three mods?

Thank you!
Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Would you rather that we had you press buttons on some console for 40 levels, serving as an ensign/lt on someone else's ship?

This is a game, people who play a Star Trek game want to be the Captain. While the justification for it in game may be weak, who cares? You get to fly your own ship.

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