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# 1 MMO trend - bad for quality?
01-30-2010, 11:49 PM
Firstly - this is not a rant thread, if you're looking for one, pick any of the other ones in the first page...

TL;DR version - STO away missions are pretty crap comparing even to other ancient (in the computer world) MMO's.

Now, those of you out there who are experienced in other MMO's, like myself, find that MMO's have been going down gradually in quality? (instead of up, following the natural technology rate)

I started off with Ultima Online, then to Anarchy Online, then to WoW, EVE, Age of Conan (briefly) and now planning on making a full change to STO.

Anarchy Online had a semi-decent release, server crashes were constant, but even though the game is just primitive to our standards today, it was well coded and pretty fun to play, you could even say it was "finished" once it was live- which brings me to my next point, which veterans of AO will have to agree with me, the "missions" in AO are an exact replica of STO's away team missions inside buildings and space stations. (even the layout is pretty similar, albeit a little more furniture here and there hehe) - It came out 9 years ago.

Will probably attract some flames, but yes - WoW, contrary to popular belief, had an outstanding launch in the MMO standards, crashes and sometimes unbearable lag yes, but even in beta you could tell it was a polished piece of software, all the geometry was in place, smooth and coherent animations, enough quests on both factions (a small 40ish - 50 gap, but doable) possibly due to the famous Blizzard policy (which I happen to agree with completely, of "It's done when it's done"- out 6 years ago

With Age of Conan and the army of MMO's coming out in recent times, trying to capitalize on WOW's success I guess, I started to notice that software companies started to lose sight of what a good game needs to be, and instead for some reason NEED to rush off their incomplete products to the store shelves?

And now STO... Even though I really like it (else I wouldnt have bought it) it feels really incomplete. Some floating geometry in ground missions, disapearing limbs on NPC's when wearing armour, (my male vulcan engineer BO has the body of a female npc, boobs and alll - literally), even your main character will bend his hands in impossible positions when handling certain weapons, plus the whole combat and movement on away missions feels clunky and severely out dated.

You guys think there's just no more "developer love" in making these, and they simply represent cash cows at the end of the month with shareholder meetings, graphic charts, long bank statements and nothing else?

I can't find any real reason for the obvious decline in MMOs these last few years - Gold fever seems to really be the only one. Or perhaps more demanding publishers with their cursed deadlines?

How else would a game coming out today have certain parts of it that are similar to another one from 9 years ago, and surpassed completely by one 6 years ago?

Anyone know something I dont? :\

p.s for the thick people in these forums, no I dont want STO to become like wow.

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