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# 1 First Person View
01-31-2010, 12:49 AM
I love Star Trek Online, and I especially love how you made the ship combat much like Star Trek Bridge Commander. [The combat in Bridge Commander was awesome btw]

However I'd have to say one of the most disappointing aspects of Star Trek Online is not being able to zoom all the way into first person view.

Now, ship combat I'd mostly like to be able to zoom in for aesthetic reasons. Sure, I would use third person in ship combat but I would use first person alot to bring a sense of ... being there into the game. As of right now, I just don't feel like I'm really IN the game, which really ruins the Star Trek experience for me.

I would especially like to be able to zoom into first person on the ground. Looking at my character the whole time sitting there in front of me is highly annoying. To be honest it's a real eyesore having my character in front of the screen the whole time and not having any way to get him off there. I would LOVE to be able to zoom into first person view. In fact I find myself in ground combat leaning against walls so that the view goes into accidental first person view just so I can enjoy it for a few seconds.

Being able to zoom into first person view on the ground would also help me to feel more like I'm IN the game, rather than looking at it from a birds eye point of view.

So in the end, I would really like first person view. I'm not saying FORCE everyone into first person view. Just please let us have an option to zoom in if we want to? It wouldn't hurt anyone to at least make the option available. In fact I believe it would greatly add to the games realism aspect.

I want to say, in a more positive note... that I absolutely LOVE the ship to ship combat aspect of this game. I was worried that the ship combat was going to be point and click crud like Eve Online, and I was very pleased when I got into the game and found that it was like bridge commander.

I love the game, I just think that it would be really awesome to be able to zoom into first person view at will using the mouse wheel scroll.


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