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# 1 Winning T1 pvp as fed.
01-31-2010, 12:24 AM
I wanted to throw this out there for new fed players. I know not everyone will see this, but maybe this will help a few new players and they can guide others here.

Like Sun Tzu said, you start by knowing your enemy and knowing yourself.

Your enemy are ships that can remain hidden until they fire. They have two frontal weapons and one rear, they will typically have a narrow beam cannon in front which is high dps in a very narrow cone, and a torpedo launcher with a disruptor turret in the single rear weapon slot.
Many of them will be piloted by tactical officers, who will be using self buffs that give them bonuses to maneuver and damage.
Typically when attacking they will have their weapon energy all the way up, and often their second highest energy level will be aux, to improve turning radius.
Their available powers will vary, but they will often have high yield torpedos, polarized hull and jam sensors or tachyon beam. They can only have 3 bridge officer powers but those are universal and can be any role.
Their ships have less hull than federation ships, but are considerably more nimble. Not necessarily faster, but a much better turning radius.
Their tactical goal is going to be to separate your forces and defeat you 2-3 on one as quickly as possible.

The UFP ships are heavier, slower turning, larger hull and have an additional bridge officer position.
By default, they have a forward 250 degree arc beam, and torpedo launcher, and a rear 250 degree arc beam.

Strategic notes :

Because of their narrow firing cone, klingons cannot fire if you are above or below them, so if you are close to a KDF, fly directly into them, and they can't fire their main weapons at you.

Your ships start out with beam weapons, which are very wide arc and have better performance at maximum range. However, at maximum range, the klingon narrow cone weapons are much easier to remain on target. In a turning fight, the klingons have to do the most work to keep a target in range.

UFP ships can fire both weapons on the same target so long as it is within the 20 degree arc surrounding the midsection of the ship. Strive to keep your enemy in this area, while avoiding their frontal cone.

General tactical advice :

Group up. With a group you can see your teammate's health.

Take skills that emphasize an attritive fight and offer synergies. Engineering team I not only repairs hull, but applies a resistance buff and buffs energy levels, and can be applied by more than one teammate.

Beam overcharge is not as useful as it appears. It drops your weapon power to zero which will bring your dps with energy weapons to almost nothing.

Mines are extraordinarily useful for the defensive fight. They do the same damage fractions as torpedos, being kinetic damage and will severely harm enemies without shields.

Tractor beam is probably your most useful defensive ability. A kdf that cannot maneuver, cannot harm you. This also prevents them from turning to avoid shield penetration.

Choose a target caller, and everyone clicks on him. when he fires, everyone fires and you will automaticaly assist the target. KDF who get fedballed die real fast.

You may find that mines can be nearly as useful as torpedos in some cases. When in a turning fight, they are MUCH more useful than torpedos, because in a turning fight, you're keeping your side to the enemy.

Winning the fight :

Get all your people grouped up as quickly as possible, or better, group up before you go into the matches.

Get together and stay together. Don't straggle.

Be quick about dropping engineering team on teammates who are getting focus fired, and focus fire.

To win a given encounter, all you generally have to do is prevent the kdf from killing their focus fired target. If possible, bait them into attacking an engineer, who will probably have RSF. If you can kill the first kdf before they kill their target, they will be in trouble.

Finally, preparation. Get the best weapon and shield you can find. Don't go into pvp with tier I whites and expect to do well. Train up your bridge officers. Spend your skill points on things that make sense.

Select the point that you intend to defend with care. Obstacles can be helpful and harmful. They are very useful for breaking line of sight, but that goes both ways.

Stay close and tight. At t1, there are no ae effects to avoid. If you drift from the center, you will attract enemies who are returning from being killed that will snipe you.

Anyone else?
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# 2
01-31-2010, 12:39 AM
Sound advice, there are counters to this but it is a really good start. It is better than making it a shooting gallery.
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# 3
01-31-2010, 12:46 AM
Heres what you Feds need to do in PVP

Step 1:
Forget grouping. Stay as far away from other federation ships as possible. The fewer federation ships around you, the less likely they'll die too when your warp core explodes.

Step 2:
PVP Power Selection is important. Pick AWESOME abilities like Beam Overload, Fire at Will, Emergency power to Auxiliary, Tactical Team, etc. Don't forget to use these powers as often as possible.

Step 3:
Make sure you charge into large groups of Klingon players by yourself, without backup.
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# 4
01-31-2010, 12:51 AM
Somehow it feels how the term "fedball" vanished from existance, since those t1 fed whine threads appeared everywhere
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# 5
01-31-2010, 12:52 AM
Not bad, just remember there's only two types of heroes, lucky and dead. Stay together and don't panic, to many times have I seen feds go into panic mode after the initial attack just to be cut down one by one.

Only one thing you missed OP, we can shoot them no matter where they are located to our ship. However it's with the turrent, if it's still equipped by the captain. Of course it's a low dps weapon something around 70 or so, not likely to destroy you in any way.

Lastly feds don't be scared to get into the fight, IMO when I see a fed ship sitting away from the fight not moving and just firing into the crowd of ships you are painting a target on yourself. Odds are you're gonna have one or two BoP that might have died in the swirl come up on you. Your group will be dealing with the swirling BoP and you off on the outside will be left to the mercy of the BoP pilots and odds are they'll not have any for you.
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# 6
01-31-2010, 01:10 AM
Quick tip, Jam sensors deactivates your tractor also.
I try to save it for emergencies like tractors. You should watch when the klink uses it, then tractor away.
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# 7
01-31-2010, 01:11 AM
Another useful skill for repairing hulls damage is is the Science BOff's Hazard Emitters (unless I'm misremembering the name). Repairing hull damage is its secondary effect. the Primary effect is to remove DoTs from your ship and the tertiary effect is a nice bonus resistance to all damage types. A ship's resistance values apply to both the hull and the shields.

I've been testing out this BOff power with my Federation character all day. With the T1 Captain's skill (Starship Operations iirc) maxed out, Console - Science - Halon Systems MK II (+7.5 Hazard Systems) and a MK Deflector Dish that has as high a + to Emitters that I could find, this skill was giving me a 22.9% resistance to all damage types for 14 seconds, as well as repairing a few thousand hull points.

This is even better once you hit T2. The hull repair portion almost doubled. T2 is when you'll start seeing enemies in both PvE (Romulans) and PvP (Klingon Players) using Plasma weapons. All plasma weapons have a chance to apply a DoT that will eat through your hull and shields fairly well.

The other bonus of this skill, is if you take a Science ship in T2 to have a 2nd Science BOff that runs tractor beams, they both benefit from the same Deflector Dish and I believe the same T1 and T2 Captain's skills (Starship Operations and Starship Emitters).

Oh and the Engineer BOff's Polarize Hull Plating to ward off enemy tractor beams, is also a Hazard system skill, meaning those Halon consoles boost it too.

No matter what skills you want to use for your BOffs, once you've assigned them a station, go to space and open your powers window (press P). Click the skill in that listing and it'll give you a lot more details than it does from the skill training window. Such as which Captain's skills, Consoles types etc will boost it. If the Captains' skill says something like Emitters, Deflector Field, etc, then look for Deflector Arrays that boost those Captain's Skills.

The descriptions on consoles and deflectors is telling you which Captain's Skill (on the Captain's Status page in the Space Combat section at the bottom) they boost, with the exception of +xx power to weapon/shield/engine/hull and +yy resistance to zz damage type, which are either listed on the ship's stats or show in the power bar.

I hope this helps to maximize the potential of your characters and ships so you're well prepared when it comes time to putting Meat's advice to work.
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# 8
01-31-2010, 01:12 AM
Originally Posted by arikira View Post
Somehow it feels how the term "fedball" vanished from existance, since those t1 fed whine threads appeared everywhere
It is all because we have a lot of newbies hitting the servers. They make for easy targets
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# 9
01-31-2010, 01:15 AM
Because I don't get much enjoyment pounding scrubs into the ground...

Often times at the start of a map.. we want you to go to impulse before we pounce,, This is because -
When you impulse, Aux/Wep/Shields become drained by a percentage each second, thus if I can pull you out of impulse by putting you in combat, I have a very solid chance of melting your shields before you realize what is going on, so long as you have been impulsing for about 6 seconds. The only reason to impulse on the arena maps is to get to the center quickly, and that's for the sole purpose of when you die, you can get back quicker no matter where you spawn. Personally I would rather just fly there under normal speeds and keep my Power up while the klingons sit in stealth and debate their kill order.

*note* Impulse does NOT drop all your power to 0. It is dependent on the amount of time you impulse. So don't be afraid to use it for positioning. Getting to the fight with 80/110 weapons power vs taking 10 seconds to get their with full power.. Getting rounds on target is the better option.

When you stealth the only power drain comes from shields, which are instantly dropped. This is the reason personally why I would use Torpedo's over Mines in t2 and above. With 0 shields the kenetic damage will hit with full force, and the torpedo's do not lose a lock despite battle cloak (t2 + BoP's)

A common tactic is to have your tank decloak first and pop a shield battery. Just be aware that we probably WANT you to be hitting him, which in a game of chess isn't your best option. Hit him first, wait for some CD's to be popped and focus someone who's using Rapid Fire Cannons, they likey are tac and used their buffs while stealthed, thus should be your focus.

Balance your shield faces. Its painfully obvious who has a clue and who doesn't by the amount of damage they take.. constantly balancing your shields while under fire will increase your Estimated Hit Points, as regen from faces which arent taking damage will get balanced with the face that is taking the brunt.

Science/Engineering Team:
The best skills ever. Use them, Use them Often, Use them even if the friendly doesn't need the entire bonus as the %resistance buffs really can keep someone alive quite well. And for all that is holy, don't be stingy with them.

Focus fire, can't be said enough.. you should literally NEVER be unloading on a person solo.. you're doing it wrong. Click on a group member and fire, it will switch to his target.. and pay attention to target of target, as you can activate your Engi/Sci team without detargeting the hostile and land the ability on their target. This doesn't mean that you can't from time to time just fire at who you want.. if you see an obvious tac in a raptor/bop unleashing a rapid fire salvo.. switch. Just have faith that your team mates have enough sense to do the same. This is where vent comes in handy.

Group up:
Vent and a Group of Players who level together through pvp (which is quite fun) is the most important factor in winning or losing.. even if you can only get 2 other people to que with you.. It is a huge advantage. Talk about how you are specing, figure out tactics, get BO's that compliment each other.
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# 10
01-31-2010, 01:18 AM
Originally Posted by Proletariat12
Quick tip, Jam sensors deactivates your tractor also.
I try to save it for emergencies like tractors. You should watch when the klink uses it, then tractor away.
Oh and i love to tractor Feds. nothing like making their turning zero and being either in front of behind them out of the broadside zone.

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