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# 1 Skill tree
01-31-2010, 12:38 AM
I know this is getting away from the "why can't you keep the servers up" topic; sorry.

I was just wondering if, at some point in the future, there could be a revamp of the skill tree. At the moment, it seems a little simplistic, and more than a little obscure (or maybe 'abstract' is the word).
I'm probably not supposed to bring up other MMOs, but has anyone here ever played EVE?
That's a skill tree!
It allows for much more specialization, and at the same time can have a lot more skills like archeology, or heliology. This would allow many more missions, which could in turn be given to you based on your skills; i.e.: if you are an archeologist, you could be sent to a planet to see if you can figure out what happened 3000 years ago to wipe out all life, but if you had no archeology skill you wouldn't even be offered the mission.

I know it would take a fair amount of work (just figuring out what skills to include could take a couple of months) but I really think it could add a great deal to the game.

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