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# 1 New Thoughts on Liberated Borg
01-31-2010, 12:45 AM
Hi Everybody,

Im very new to the game but I have some ideas about the liberated borg. The $240 price tag was substantial. Im tired of hearing that I didnt pay for the Liberated Borg, that I was buying a lifetime membership and extra slots.

The reason I sucked it up and hit the credit card was because you did get 3 gifts that sort of seemed to make it a bit more worthwhile. I dont know about anybody else but spending $240 on something before you played it and on faith is a lot of money. Would I have paid the $240 for just the extra slots and the membership; maybe, but I would have wanted to play about 20 hours to decide and I might not have had time to do it before Tuesday. And I would not have paid $240 just for the lifetime membership. So yes the Borg made the difference in making the decision to go ahead and mash up the balance on a credit card. And yes, I will be eating light for the next month to pay it down. And Id bet that over 50% of the others that bought this would tell you the same thing.

Ok, that said, heres my opinion. I do not think the LB should be overpowered, but yes, I do feel that it should be special. Im told that efficiency only works for engineering and the LB cant get techie. So the LBs really arent anything special unless they are engineers and then they cant get the best engineering skill.

LBs therefore should get 4 open slots and be allowed to customize and choose their traits exactly like Aliens. Efficiency is not exclusive to LB but Nanites and Neural Blast are. Im not sure that Nanites and NB are special. But allow the LB for RP and then let players choose which 4 skills they want. If they want Nanites and NB then choose it and if not then dont. If they want efficiency then choose it and if not then dont. The advantage of a LB is that he should have more flexibility in creation. Im not talking about overpowering the beast but giving lifetime players the same options as Alien plus perhaps a 2 or 3 (if you count efficiency) minor unique skills if they want to choose them instead of something else useful like Warp Theory, Techy, Astrophysicist.

On a RP Basis, Borgs are assimilated, more diverse, and have wider skill sets than other species as they learned a lot in the collective. It makes sense that they would perhaps have all the skills available and perhaps 2-3 extras and so they should be more customizable rather than limited to engineering or else basically 2 choice skills.

Also, Borgs should be able to choose to be a loner class and have their own unique ship registry. They should be able to toggle alone, starship, or klingon race. There should be a time limit of 50 hours of play between toggling affiliation so people cant just jump back and forth but Borgs should be the one race that can move back and forth between sides or even just alone. It would be neat to have a race that can switch, especially with limited character spots and leveling options for Klingons. And with limited character spots available Id like to have one that can play both sides. I could have 1. Tactical Fed + 1 Tactical Klingon 2. Science Fed + Science Klingon and 3. Engineer Borg that can toggle back and forth and my 5 spots are full.

1. Let Borgs have the same customization as aliens but with 2 extra skills. This is not overpowered. 2. Also give Borgs more flexibility in choosing sides or switching and perhaps their own ship registry. Let the LB owner choose Fed (Perm), Kling (Perm), or Loner (Toggle) (Unique Ship Prefix) and then allow toggle switching once every 50 hours of game play.

Just my .240000 cents.

Happy Gaming All,



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