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01-31-2010, 12:53 AM
1. Don't believe everything you read.

2. PvP with white gear all you want. A vast majority of Klingons run on white con gear especially upon entry into T2. Their most readily available gear is what Feds would call 'vendor trash' plus what white con mark 2 gear they pull out of the Kahless Expanse.

3. Configure your BO skills to either tear down your opponent or to prevent them from doing the same to you. Mix the two and do neither.

4. Basically there are two styles of weapon configuration. Forward arc, and overlapping side arcs. Any ship may be set up as either. Some are more effective in one configuration than another. Learn which is best for your ship with the weapons you have available.

5. Be decisive. It is better to make up your mind, be wrong, and learn something than to run about making many decisions and changing your mind too much before you learn something.

6. If you want to be good in PvP you may have to be bad for a while to learn what good looks like.

7. I cheated. I played Pirates of the Burning Sea for a year before I came here. The most damage you will do to me is when your warp core explodes unless I am on my Good Day To Die -- Space mission. This is basically the same game as POTBS but MUCH simpler. Don't believe me? As David Hunt who Cryptic hired him away from at the next meet and greet.

8. If you still think Fed PvP is hard go to POTBS and play French or Spanish with no fleet. You will return here happy to do almost anything.


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