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# 1 BO Question
01-31-2010, 12:14 AM
Good day Trekkers, new player here just like everyone else and I'm a little confused about Bridge Officers and which abilities they can use as well the effectiveness of those abilities in-game. This is because I've only been playing lets say half a day with the head start, and starting Monday I can only play Fri/Sat/Sundays, so in other words I have limited play time to sort out all of the kinks over this weekend before I actually create a legitimate main character next weekend on Friday.

Now, I've been playing MMO's since the release of **** so I'm a pretty good character planner and I hope I've done a decent job in making myself an STO build as well as somewhat of a template for my character. However, keep in mind I've only a level 3 character in a blasted light cruiser, so my experience is limited to information I've found and read online. Because of that I'm expecting a few stupid mistakes an misunderstandings, so if you have any tips let me know what I should absolutely avoid or what I've misunderstood.

Ok, so after looking at the classes I found myself most intrigued by the Engineer abilities and the possibility of being a techie. I've molded the ground abilities of my character and BO's around turrets/drones with some shields and a single buff ability for utility purposes. Because I'm planning on using a Star Cruiser I will end up with Myself, a Comm. Engineer, a Lt. Comm. Engineer, a Lt. Scientist, an Ensign Scientist, and an Ensign Tactician.

I've taken these BO's abilities and made them into typical archetypes. Myself with Turrets + Drones + Utility, the second with both Turrets and Drones, and the third engineer with a single Turret + Medic/Shield Generator Fabrications. The rest of the team consists of a Medic with Heal + State Remove, a Tactician with a Debuff and Threat Generator, and lastly a biotic type scientist with a hold (or perhaps shield nuke). My hope is that in ground combat the Tactician can try to maintain the attention of enemies while my engineers (myself included) throw down mass turrets and complimentary drones, supported by some shield/medical generators and heals from the medic. Perhaps I have the right idea, and perhaps I'm on the wrong track. Just let me know what is a bad idea, I'm open to criticism.

As far as space combat goes, I'm focusing mainly on survivability and tanking but I've included a few useful combat abilities (though I could really use some information regarding the best beam types against shields and hulls, or perhaps one that does well against both). The only question I have is whether or not I could place more than two turrets on my ship and it still be bloody well effective in combat.

Anyway, here is a notepad brainstorm I made earlier. I'm not sure if I have the right amount of abilities for each BO, I couldn't find any information indicating how many abilities each could have so I assumed it was a number corresponding to rank as my BO's at level 3 only have 1 ability. I may also have a few abilities mixed up, as I wasn't sure of the rank requirements for each rank and ability.

The question I really need a straight up answer to is how many ground and space abilities are Bridge Officers able to use for each rank? Also, if I moved my points from Disruptor to Plasma (DoT that is supposedly equally effective against shields and hull) and equipped 6 plasma with my turrets (Phaser Turrets I'm guessing, as I've not heard of any other types) would it be a viable combination for taking down enemies?

Here it is, as well as a link to an STO Character Builder I found online as well.
Thanks for any tips or information in advance.

Posting Notes with caution, beware of misunderstanding.

U.S.S. Eileen
Star Cruiser
4 Forward x 4 Aft Weapons
2 Phaser + 2 Disruptor x 2 Phaser + 2 Turrets


1. Equipment Diagnostics II or Quick Fix II
2. Shield Recharge II
3. Seeker Drone or Quantum Mortar II
4. Phaser Turret III
5. Support Drone III

1. Eject Warp Plasma III
2. Aceton Field II
3. Boarding Party II
4. Extend Shields III
5. Engineering Team III

Engineering Commander

1. Quantum Mortar II
2. Seeker Drone II
3. Phaser Turret III
4. Support Drone III

1. Emergency to Auxiliary III
2. Emergency to Engines III
3. Emergency to Shields III
4. Reverse Shield Polarity II

Engineering Lt. Commander

1. Medical Generator II
2. Phaser Turret III
3. Shield Generator III

1. Auxiliary to Battery
2. Auxiliary to Dampeners
3. Auxiliary to Structural

Science Lieutenant

1. Vascular Regenerator II or Medical Tricorder II
2. Hypospray - Masiform D II

1. Medical Team II
2. Hazard Emitter II

Science Ensign

1. Tachyon Harmonic II or Gravimetric Shift II

1. Polarize Hull II

Tactical Lieutenant

1. Target Optics II
2. Draw Fire II or Photon Grenade II

1. Beam Array: Fire at Will III
2. Cannon: Rapid Fire III
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# 2
01-31-2010, 12:40 AM
BO skill tree (its from archive)

If you want use Star Cruiser you can use this skill tree for plan BOs which fit your play style.
1x eng commander, 1x eng Lt. commander, 1x tac Lt., 1x sci ensign and 1x sci Lt.
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# 3
01-31-2010, 01:18 AM
So judging by what that spreadsheet says, the STO Character Builder is wrong in that I can't teach my BO's Phaser Turret III or Support Drone III or even Shield Generator III etc. even with 9 points into the corresponding skill box?

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