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01-31-2010, 03:16 AM
Originally Posted by Geminorum View Post
Since the last poster mentioned Eve , I mentioned to a friend that STO is one server like Eve, but divided into instances with certain things. This got him interested after watching me play for a couple hours, but then I went on to mention all the unexpected downtime and to wait a couple weeks after launch to get the game. I logged on to Eve during the last downtime where there were 50k+ accounts logged on, did a few missions, did some mining with 5-6 people, and there were no problems, no lag, no disconnect. Granted Eve has been around since 2003, but I would think Cryptic would have known how to create a stable server with a MMO that, according to my friend, is much less complex than Eve. I couldn't understand all the technical jargon he was spouting off, but kinda disappointed now of all these problems Cryptic is having.

Are these problems expected for a new MMO, YES!! Should the frequency of these problems be expected at the official launch? I really hope not. I love Star Trek, grew up with it, and spent the money to be a lifetime member. I really hope I don't reget it.
Its not a single 'server' but a cluster of servers in a farm working together. Cryptic have already stated in previous posts that they have received and installed new servers into the game. If I recall correctly, Eve is also a server farm and each server looks after a galaxy (or whatever) and when you move around, you jump from server to server, but they are independant.

(on a completely geeky note, I also believe they use top of the range solid state drives now as well)

People really need to move away from this 'single server is bad' like cryptic has engineers / developer who dont have a clue.

And if someone wants to come back and say 'even if its a lot of servers, it is still defined as a single server' , please dont humiliate yourself with such rubbish. As a cluster engineer, I find comments like this a true 'facepalm' moment.

Many large enterprises employ numerous dedicated server machines. A collection of servers in one location is commonly referred to as a server farm. If very heavy traffic is expected, load balancing is usually employed to distribute the requests among the various servers so that no single machine is overwhelmed. Hence single "Service" but multiple "servers"

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