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I have the rather annoying problem of getting an error nearly every time I go into the Sirius Sector space, say from logging on and trying to load up my character, or on the rare occasion I do get in, from transitioning to Sector space.
One time I managed to get into the game and load up Sirius Sector, but as I was doing some chores while waiting on the verifying (which I did turn off, btw) I finished the chores... only to sit down at my computer and right at that moment, the game crashes with the now very familiar "Fatal Error: Error decompressing data"

Maybe it's not just the Sirius Sector, but it looks like it doesn't have a problem with Spacedock. Further testing will commence.

Latest Error Ticket ID: Unknown (I hope that's helpful, as I didn't note down the other 10 ticket numbers)

Edit: One more ticket, with ID: 5925495

Second Edit:
I made a new character and it loaded just fine into the tutorial, I then logged out to log back in to my other one. Again, it crashed with the Error decompressing data.
Ticket: 5925495
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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01-31-2010, 04:14 AM
I've taken my second character through the tutorial and Spacedock worked fine, Sol system worked fine, but when I tried to warp to Sirius Sector space...
Fatal Error: Error decompressing data
Unique Error ID: 9221010

That second line was new to me, though :p

Error Ticket ID: 9221208

New test logging on, same result, Ticket ID: 5925495

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