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I have played many MMORPG killed many monsters and played PVP MMORPG and won and lost many battles. STO is the first time I actually thought of the casualties. My ship has 200 crew and many times I am down to 25% or lost ship altogether, or blown up another ship with 100s of crew. It feels very sobering, unlike most games where you only are killing the one trying to kill you, in STO you are killling many people that you would never see.

In open beta someone stated they wanted to see the people flying out into space on hull breaches, thankfully that would never be but in.

While this is just a game and the thoughts quickly pass, it makes me think about RL bomber pilots and captains of naval ships and some of the guilt they must live with.

On a lighter note, when my personnel replentish, where do the come from, Is there a party I am not aware of?

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