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# 1 Planet of the Cheaters
01-31-2010, 08:32 AM
Since the previous thread was wiped out... this is a Star Fleet Battles (and, by extension, Starfleet Command) fan fiction.

To understand the whole book better, you have to understand a couple of things:

Lyran Starfleet: The military of the Lyran Star Empire (often shortened to Starfleet among Lyrans and the subject species of the Lyrans) and most of the divisions are the same as those of the Federation Starfleet counterparts.

Lyran Star Empire: For those who played SFC1/2 you should know what the LSE is

Lyran Democratic Republic: A group that splintered from the LSE in the late 23rd century, in the TNG era it is much larger - but still plagued with similar problems as compared to the LSE.

Chapter 1: First Grade

June 9th, 2365. My mother, a stand-up comic, has trained me to cheat in exams, with the complicity of my father, an emergency medic. My mother could con my father into giving him a doctor's note, given that he isn't busy curing patients in the emergency room, while I undertook my cheating training. But my mother acknowledges that training people to cheat at this young an age has its limits. Sometimes I can be forgetful, but since I'm more or less above the average, my parents forgive me. The night before the first final exam arrives, I have a conversation with my mother and my brother, as my father arrives late.

Brianna: Mom! You didn't have to tell me how to cheat! Before I started cheating I was already good.

Ariane: Honey, I only want you to be the best in class. I want you to go to the best universities later in your life.

Brianna: I want to be a space ranger!

Ariane: The space rangers are too dangerous for you, my daughter. Besides, all the slots we could have in the space rangers (read: Lyran Starfleet) are those in Starfleet Medical.

Brianna: I don't want to be a doctor!

Samuel: Shove it!

Ariane: Brianna! Here's the thing for you: if you want to prove to the rest of the world how well you can cheat in exams, I have a surprise for you!

Brianna: What is it?

Ariane: To make the life of your father easier as he is tired of being forced to hand you doctor's notes after exams, I decided that you try to become a chartered cheater.

Brianna: What is a "cheating charter"?

Ariane: It's basically a license to cheat in class.

Ricard returns from the hospital, where he had to cure a broken leg in the trauma ward. As far as the trauma ward goes, it was little more than a routine broken leg surgery. Well, Ricard isn't much of a father for me or for Samuel, but I'm certain that he encourages me more into making it into the "space rangers" than my mother does. After all, he knows a bit how a space ranger do.

Ricard: You have to understand, my daughter, that a cheating charter is a lot of responsibility. If you can pull it off you will have my eternal gratitude.

Ariane: We all want you to succeed in your life. The bad news is that only three people in Malachorian history have succeeded to gain a cheating charter while being seven years old.

Ricard: These three people were prodigies in fields other than cheating, leading them to be seven and be in grades higher than the first grade. To our knowledge, no one that didn't fail or skip first grade became chartered cheaters in first grade.

Ariane: We are playing big on you. There are only three finals for this year: reading, writing and mathematics. If you are caught in any three of these instances, we will disown you. If you succeed however, you will bring our family much-needed fame. And you will be the youngest chartered cheater in history!

Ricard: I will not be conned into signing doctor's notes to help you cheat anymore!

Brianna: I will not disappoint you.

Ricard: There isn't much I can do to help you cheat.

However, as I learned much, much later, the program signed into law in 1760 cut some slack as far as "standared" tests go in first and second grades. The first final was not that stressful and I was a cheater-candidate. The teacher slipped right through when the teacher went out to collect copies. We were sent back home for the day after the final exam was over. Because I passed every other course, music, science, and others, including arts, and even going into an A+ for one of these, I'd say science but back in the day it was incredibly easy for all of us.

Ricard: You should receive your grade tomorrow. These are first-grade exams after all.

Brianna: If I cheated right I would be able to repeat what I did in science.

Ricard: Cheating is cheating. And this is baby math. I made you learn more advanced math so you should be able to get an A+ without cheating, Brianna.

Ariane: Cheat all you want. But the reading exam is ours.

Brianna: Wish me luck!

The next day, the mathematics final exam has come. As our wake-up call, which is traditional for writing exams in elementary school, we received our grades whenever the grading is completed. Although I loathed cheating then, I had an A for the writing exam. If I keep this up I may very well become the Cheater of the Year in the school district and maybe the whole planet! We were 22 in my class at this time, I saw the manifest of students with two columns on it and my name was the only one in the second column, for the cheater-candidates, i.e. the ones who wanted to become cheating charters.

First-grade teacher: Brianna Reiss!

Brianna: Present.

First-grade teacher: Brianna, can you confirm that you are a cheater-candidate?

Brianna: Confirm.

First-grade teacher: I found it quite odd that one who doesn't repeat first grade would want to become a chartered cheater. Anyway, good luck, Brianna.

And not to get caught! Some people exaggerated my cheating ability back then, especially among my family. The rest of my family all thought that my parents were overconfident; some of my relatives said that they overestimated my intellect and others thought that my parents were madmen. As I read a story about a dog and its master, I began to outline the events the best I could. This should be enough to secure me a few grades that should make me "earn the license" as I would say, was I not covered by the silence rule. The exam itself was not complicated, well, to my eyes anyway. The night after the exam, I made a nightmare that awakened me in the middle of the night.

Brianna: Mommy! Mommy!

Ariane: We were sleeping! What happened, sweetie?

Brianna: I had a nightmare.

Ariane: What was the nightmare?

Brianna: I was caught cheating and I was stripped of all honor I could gain.

Ariane: Wait for the wake-up call. It is traditional for the wake-up calls to be done in alphabetical order after exams are graded.

I could go back to sleep for about two hours because we were awakened by the wake-up call launched from my teacher. Wake-up calls were effective; we were awakened but the teacher kept the suspense to whoever answered the phone.

Ariane: Hello?

First-grade teacher: I have the pleasant surprise to announce you that your child is now a… CHARTERED CHEATER! Brianna has passed the cheating licensure! And you have gotten an A for the reading exam.

Brianna: I passed the year!

But the school is stormed by journalists who wanted to see the teacher for themselves, the one responsible for letting a prodigy of cheating to be formed or discovered in the first place. And they seem rather happy about it. The teacher was overwhelmed by the feelings of joy he felt by discovering a prodigy of cheating, one that could become a major hit a few years down the road.

Journalist: Teacher, how do you feel to see the rise of what could possibly be one of the greatest cheating geniuses of our time?

First-grade teacher: I'm confident that the chartered cheater I just saw in action over the past few days will grow to become a good cheater. However, I think it is too early to actually say that Brianna is going to be a good cheater. You know, many precocious cheaters go on to become respected cheaters later in their lives, but for every cheating prodigy that achieves fame there is another that crashes and burns.

Journalist: We know all too well each extreme of the spectrum: Prof. Madoor is an historically significant cheater, known for being arguably the best casino cheater and he even teaches casino cheating at Korvoord University. However, Mrs. Narada was also an early bird and became a prostitute later on. Were there moments where you would have caught your then-cheater-candidate?

First-grade teacher: No. Her cheating was flawless.

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