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Lt. Commander
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I know there are many, many other things that need priority now, but one thing that bugs me when bringing up a new character is the promotion process through to Lt. Commander.

We all start out as Ensigns (through the tutorial and a couple of missions there after), but are quickly promoted to Lieutenant. There is really no announcment made in game about this. Just poof, you look up and there you are with two pips next to your name in the bar at the top of the screen.

It would be nice to make a logical step out of this process. How about keeping us as Ensigns through the tutorial, but when we arrive at Earth spacedock and talk with Admiral Quinn he actually announces our field promotion to Lieutenant for the great job we did with the whole Borg mess and permanent command of our own starship.

Technically we should be Lieutenant, Junior Grade (one black pip, one solid pip) at this point through to Lieutenant Grade 5. At Lieutenant Grade 6 (when we get our first Bridge Officer reward and unlock Klingon content), we are officially promoted to full Lieutenant (two solid pips). This doesn't make any difference with the skills set, but it would be a nice way to pat the player on the back (and make use of the Lieutenant J.G. pips in the uniform change screen) during his/her progression. The text for the promotion to full Lieutenant would be easy to add, since there is already a triggered text message when you make Grade 6.

Make sense?

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