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I'm not going to complain, simply just try and give constructive feedback and hope someone in the great dev world is listening. The good news is, I'm fairly certain you guys already know this and I'm preaching to the chorus.

But good lord, you guys really really do bring the servers down at the worst possible times. Shouldn't you be doing maintenance at 3am when the majority of your players are asleep? Every other game out there does it for the most part. Your staff probably wouldn't be contracted to Star Trek if you weren't experienced in your industry, so has anyone come up with the idea of doing a 2am maintenance time every day so you can show your new player base confidence in your product by having it up during the day time?

If the excuse is EU vs US players and general play times. Why not just split the servers so EU has their own gear and so do we? You guys will make more then enough money off this game to afford the tech.

I'm in Operational Test & Eval on satellites with the government, so I understand hardware and software go off in la-la land especially with new and complex systems. So I'm not going to complain about stuff. You guys have a great game, and I am very confident you'll get your stability issues worked out over some pre-planned time line of testing and streamlining.

Its very hard to play, enjoy your game and get into the product right now because things are so unstable.

Thank you for reading, I wish you guys luck in what is clearly a rough time as this game launches.

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