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You know I didn't want to be a moaning git like most of the people on the forums, because I really love what Cryptic have done with the game, but this is unfair.
I've payed 39.99 at D2D for my copy and going to be buying the game at game for my free t-shirt and map and so far I have not been able to get into the headstart.

Now I could understand If we were still in Beta but were not, and this just isn't on. Both yesterday and today I have come back in from work and just as I'm about to log in, it either gets stuck at retrieving character, list or as it's just said now "unable to log in due to shard emergency maintenance" again.
This is really annoying and I really don't know what to do. I've tried to be patient all this time and now I'm really peed off. I want to pay for the 3 month payment but I'm losing confidence at the moment.

Please help Cryptic.

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