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# 1 Anarchy Nexus is recruiting
07-24-2014, 09:32 AM
Anarchy Nexus and our sister fleet Chaotic Slipstreams are searching for more players to venture into deep space with.

You might be asking, what would these pretty bad ass named fleets do for me? Well hold on a second and let me tell you.

Anarachy Nexus is a Tier 5 engineering. Tier 5 star base, Tier 4 tactical(12k away to t5), Tier 4 science (2k away to t5), Tier 3 spire, Tier 3 embassy, Tier 3 mine. Everything is on due course to be maxed out and we will be ready to max out the next holding.

Our promotion system works as follows
25k contribution per rank.
25,000 fleet Credits- Fleet Stores en up.
50,000 fleet credits- You Achieve Rank 3 Commander, some bank privileges open up.

Our commander in chief, @tamujiin, is a stubborn, laid back, conversationalist. He may not sound like your typical leader but he knows how to give respect and keep people together. A great guy to shoot the **** at any time and always seems to have people in his chat room talking about anything.

Myself, Dahm@acceleron, I frequent the forums as one of the ship builders, offering what I know for nothing in return. I speak my mind on the forums, I'll call bad builds as I see them but will always offer advice on improvements.

Here is what I can offer you
I'll give you one on one time to help make your build, a force to be reckon with.

For season 7 with non rom ships
My top dps with cannons is 30k,
My top dps with torpedos is 15k
My top dps with beams is 32k

I'll teach you everything you need to know to be a one man wrecking ball.

I can also teach the basics of pvp so what one may consider the worse part of sto to be one of the funnest.

I have also completed No win scenario and farm it regularly for fleet marks.

Our resident drama curbstomper, @starburnz , we call him the judge. Speaks like that of a wise man whose been around the block too many times to care anymore. Always there to help a fleetmate, and can be count on to deal with drama in the fleet with a quick boot.

The man with the dollar signs for eyes, @samplenow, when it comes to farming dilithium, this guy knows it better then I do building ships. If you need EC, this is the living bank that can front you the loan.

As we finish off our starbase, we will use our sister fleet to continue the flow of fleet credits
So come join the ranks of the Anarchy and Chaos

If interested, message @acceleron, @tamujiin, @starburnz, or @samplenow, and we'll get you in the fleet

Chive on and prosper, eh?

My PvE/PvP hybrid skill tree

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