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Most of the episodes I remember of Star Trek did not involve starship combat, or if they did they had a large amount of noncombat stuff in them as well. What happened to exploring, talking to the colonists and space energy whales, outwitting Mirror Sulu with sex appeal and klingon saboteurs with a tribble.

Players who chose a tactical ship style can have all these shoot em ups. Science types should be offered more exploration or science based missions, and engineers missions more geared towards infiltration or sabotage maybe.

We can still have combat missions but it shouldnt be EVERY MISSION. I have had one mission where I go around and talk to the colonists then take a quiz to make sure I actually read the text, that was it? Really? Are you SERIOUS? I have another coming up to escort a diplomat but the mission text as much as says Ill be fighting off klingons the whole way.

Combat in this game isn't even fun with all the lag involved and enemies ganging up on us, and it isnt what I thought this game would be about. What every single episode of Star Trek begins with: Boldly go, explore strange new worlds and new civilizations. "And shoot them " wasnt in that list.

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