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This is something I thought of earlier. Basically being able to take our various rep marks and turn them in for more mats.

I was thinking of having one of the following be implemented:

1. A straight conversion of marks into VR mats. Like say...25 marks per VR. So with just your daily for example, you could get 2 guaranteed VRs.

2. Turning marks in for a box on a similar level to the ones you get for completing a queued mission. I figure about 50 marks is fair, again, letting you use bonus marks giving you a guaranteed 1 per day if you choose to.

Either way, whatever VR mats you would get would be determined by what marks you put in. Like Omega Marks you could use to get Trellium-K, or whatever the ground STFs can give you (forget atm what that is)

What do you all think?

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