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Hello Cryptic, I would like to make you aware of many problems that players are encountering. As a paying customer, I feel as though these issues should be addressed, and very quickly as well.

1. ) The constant downtime. It is understandable that a new game has its bugs and glitches. However, considering we are playing during a head start program, it is not a head start if we are not able to play. To solve this issue, I would suggest that the head start players get compensated for the loss of their head start, maybe in some kind of in game item or experience compensation.

2.) The queue times. While yes, many MMO's have queue times, it is not acceptable to have them before a game has launched yet. I have been waiting for 30 minutes to enter the game , and this is before the game has even launched yet. Unless this issue is addressed, the wait times after the actual release will be unbearable.

3.) Inbox spam. I really like the website and community you have designed, but there is a serious problem. People selling in game currency have bombarded users with advertisements to buy STO Energy. There needs to be some sort of filter introduced or system to prevent this.

That is all I have for now, will update with more issues if some arise.

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