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# 1 STO: Pleasing is Futile
01-31-2010, 02:13 PM
The only ball Cryptic really dropped was not understanding how huge the Star Trek fan base is. 11 movies (and some that are fan made), 5 TV series, countless books, games and other stuff. There is no way they could please this massive horde of fans and gamers. Even SWG couldn't please people in its earliest days. Star Trek is twice the franchise Star Wars is, so they would be lucky if anyone is happy with it.

I have high hopes that this is the core game to get people interested and encourage development so they can bring it more in line with the fan base and gamers alike. It wasn't what I was expecting but I also expect to win the powerball every week. The forums might help to shape the future of the game and point out those things that need fixing like the mission messages popping up while you are fighting get to be really annoying.

Oh, and thanks to the devs for putting up with all the bashing and negative comments from people. It can't be easy to not jump on these forums and not flame back some of these comments after you spent years working on this.

OK Cryptic, I defended you, now where's my 1000 store points?


but I'll take them if you want to give them

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