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01-31-2010, 02:21 PM
Hello, im just wondering if someone could reasure me or even inform me of what the situation is going to be on queing system.

Now i dont want to get alot of abuse from other member i just would liek to know :

I've paid for a lifetime subscription to STO and i love playign the game however i just tried to log on and i got a mesage sayign "The server is full and not accepting any more players currenlty"

Seeing this worried me ALOT seems as the game hasnt even bee released yet and the server is already full.

No i know im not paying monthly but 170 is alot of money and if i cant get into the server for which i and many others have paid to play on what is going ot be done about that?

This is smy first MMORPG so forgive me if i dont understand the concepts of how the server will work and so forth.

Will a bigger server for capicity be issued if this becomes a regular problem, i would be disapointed if every time i logged on i got that message especially when i payed that amount of monery to play.

Thanks for you answer in advance.

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