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A major problem in this mission is that all goes well to the point when Klingon captain hails you. It is great you get to ask some questions in somewhat diplomatic fashion but main thing is.. That dispite all that speaking your only option to solve this mission is to engage Klingons in every phase of mission..

Best in these missions would be to have option to solve situation peacefully. For example you could propose Klingon captain to join your away team to keep an eye for ambassador/undine.. Or perphaps to beam over to Klingon ship with Ambassador to find out truth.. There are dozens of possible ways to do a second aolution to thia mission so please give us chpoices here with maybe different types of rewards. There are many other situations also where you could apply some diplomatic solutions..

And most importantly ypou need to have option to disable enemy ship in every/almost every encounter instead that just blatantly blow them all to heavens.
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01-31-2010, 02:33 PM
I hear ya. It would be nice on a mission if you could solve something without killing everyone in the sector.
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# 3 Joke :-I
01-31-2010, 02:43 PM
SFC-"This is admiral Quinn from Starfleet command to Enterprise.. There is a situation escalating toward agressiveness between Bolians and Andorians. We wanr you, Picard.. To solve this problem"

P-"What are your orders admiral?"

SFC-"Destroy Andorians and engage Bolians in batle. Killing them all will solve this problem permanently"

p-"But surely Admiral that seems a bit too hars. Situation can still quite easily be solved through diplomatic channels"

SFC-"No time for that. This is new way of Starfleet. Carry out your orders or prepare to be executed"

p-"Yes admiral...

p- "Riker! We need to self destruct the ship!

R- May i ask why Captain?"

P-"Because of Starfleets new way to seek out disputes and boldly blow them all to heavens"

R-"Very well"



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01-31-2010, 02:43 PM
I completely agree with you TaPel. A lot of missions have potential for multiple solutions, but sadly that potential is always ignored.

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