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as the title of the post says im having something of an issue.

i just hit Tier 3 of task force omega in the reputation system and it says you can unlock either the omega or honor guard type 1 outfit in the costume tab as long as you have the associated mark XI set, this has prettymuch been my primary motivation for playing a KDF character to begin with instead of just going romulan so i was understandably stoked, here is the problem however.

you can no longer acquire the mark XI set

at some point it was removed from the game and i have no idea how to acquire the costume unlock now, i've tried a multitude of different things as well as asking around in the game itself.

at first i was under the assumption that maybe it would be an automatic unlock and they hadnt yet updated the ingame text under the reputation system, thats plausible right, so i checked the tailor for outfit options and it wasnt there, so then i figured maybe i just needed to unlock two of the mark XII equipment pieces (at Tier 3 you can ONLY unlock the gun and the shields) which made sense to me, i mean you'd be paying a lesser price but the type 1 is technically lesser then the type 2, 3 and 4 outfits so that made sense to me, but upon having acquired both pieces there is still no costume unlock for the type 1 outfit.

well, maybe i just need to have them equipped at the time? still no dice, i asked around and all i was told was that there would be a project i had to do to unlock the costume option for 5 omega marks and 2 minutes, i checked both the upgrade and project tabs under reputation but no such option existed, i figured maybe i might have gotten lucky and now that i had equipped two of the XII pieces the option would just suddenly appear in the tailor, as you can imagine this was not the case.

is there ANY way to actually acquire the type 1 honor guard outfit anymore? if the XI honor guard set was turned into loot and you have to acquire it as random drops while running STF's thats stupid and i've never once seen anyone acquire any of those pieces that way, if there is some other method or step im just missing then it isnt listed ANYWHERE or stated anywhere in the ingame text, i've tried checking the task force omega store tab and my replicator in the hopes it may have shown up but it isnt in either of those locations either, i would at least understand if they made the outfit a zen or dilithium purchase only or if i just had to pay an obscene amount of marks and neural processors because that at least would represent something i could work towards achieving but there is NO obvious or apparent path to acquiring this set at all.

ingame another guy told me maybe i could get it as soon as i got the mark XII honor guard armor to complete the set bonus but that made no sense since the type 1 honor guard outfit is listed as being acquirable as early as Tier 3 and you cant get the XII armor until Tier 5, what am i missing here?
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07-29-2014, 10:57 AM
The short version is the KHG Type 1 costume unlock is now built into the Omega T5 KHG armor purchase.

You can no longer acquire Mk X / Xi armor pieces post season 9 so if you didn't already have it you can't get it.

If you run 1 STF a day you can get the Omega rep to T5 in 30 days irrc, I have a new alt who is already to T4 omega doing the above.

There are also various optional KHG unlocks you can get by completing the STF Optionals in STFs in normal / elite , both ground /space.
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07-29-2014, 11:09 AM
thats pretty unfortunate, but its more or less what i was expecting, it feels like even claiming you can get the type 1 costume unlock at all is false advertising since theoretically it could be done but since the mark xi stuff is neither a random drop nor can it be traded, it isnt actually possible so they really should just remove it from the tier3 text since it makes people expect you can do something, and that isnt actually true.

honestly i really dont care for how the tier reputation system works but i just go through with it since theres nothing i can do about it, i mean i get that you have to work to get marks and borg neural processors to get the stuff you want and i get having high dilithium and EC prices after the fact but what i dont get is why you have to wait 20 hours in between each run of the quest before you can rank up, i had thought maybe this limitation is removed if you become a gold member (and if becoming a gold member removed that timer altogether i would have done so immediately) but i looked it up and that isnt the case, its just artificial padding that has nothing to do with how much time or effort you put into it.

oh well, i suppose in the next 28 days or so ill finally hit tier 5, guess ill have to play another game till then in the between hours since you cant actually work towards any of the stuff you actually want till you hit tier 5.
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07-29-2014, 07:48 PM
Saving up DL and marks for it though would be a good idea. And the Adapted Honor Guard is pretty good as well.
Around T4, I'd suggest stockpiling the marks and DL a bit so you could try and get more than just one piece of the set.
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