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I've been trying to play since 10AM pacific. Server maintenance cut it short. Fine. Waited two hours. Servers back up. Ok. No problem. I'm a patient man and I understand problems are being fixed.

Then the queu. No Problem. It is a feature people wanted and it is nice when properly implemented. I was 17 out of 500+ when I finally got on. Played through one mission. Got disconnected from the server. Go to log back in and 807 out of 807. Its now 2PM Pacific. I've played probably a total of 20 minutes today tops.

You know? I'm ok with things that are broken. I am completly undestanding in how expecting perfection is unrealistic. And que's are actually a good feature.....but when you have 500+ people in line then you are not properly implementing this. I am not going to sit and wait in line for an hour to play an unstable game where I get frequently booted only to wait in line for another hour. The Que has made this game unplayable for me.

Looks like "head start" for me personally has been a bust. I'm out of time waiting to play. I had set aside 4 hours to play and its now gone. One thing is for were very wise to offer the first month free.

I cannot believe you had no idea of the numbers you were dealing with when you implemented the line policy. So you are either too lazy to implement a real solution to the problem or you were too stupid to realize the potential problems with a Que that had too little behind it resulting in a gigantic bottleneck. This is a very draconian measure to problem solve.


I'm done. I'm shutting this down and taking the family ice skating. Good luck to those with more patience and time than I have. This weekend has been a Star Trek Online bust for me. Certainly hope Feb 2nd turns out better.

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