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# 1 Release Notes: July 31, 2014
07-30-2014, 06:59 PM

  • Resolved an issue which was causing a large amount of lag in the Foundry.
  • For the episode “Night of the Comet”, nerve tonics can be used without requiring being equipped.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the Rolor Nebula assignments to give completion credit to the B'Tran accolades.
  • The old Research and Development mission from the previous crafting system can now be dropped.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the MACO, Honor Guard, and Omega sets to display as belonging to two different sets.
  • Pips no longer clip on the Odyssey Long Jacket and Dress uniforms.
  • Resolved a clipping issue with the KDF female Bortasqu’ belt.
  • Added Badges and Emblems to Bortasqu’ uniforms.
  • There is now only 1 Emblem given to Female Simple Shirts Uppers for female Klingons.
    • These were incorrectly giving 2 options.
  • Phased Biomatter Beam Banks no longer use phaser audio with Overload and Fire at Will.
  • Resolved an issue which was causing the default color for Starfleet Bridge Officer uniforms to be incorrect.


  • Research and Development:
    • Aegis Set:
      • Aegis 3 piece power cooldown is no longer reduced by Aux2Bat Technician Duty Officer proc.
      • Energy Feedback Conductor no longer procs Inspirational Leader trait.
    • Resolved an issue where the TR-116B weapon was not performing as intended.
      • As a result the Shield Penetration of the weapon has been increased.
    • Craylon Gas now has a chance to be rewarded in the Elite Queues Rh’lhho Station, Mine Trap, and the Nukara Interior and Exterior ground queues.
    • Resolved an issue which was causing a number of crafted items to not appear in the Fast Equip window.
    • Resolved an issue which was causing some non R&D materials to get placed into the R&D bag.
    • Resolved an issue where the Omni-Directional Tetryon Beam was displaying the incorrect energy type information.
    • Resolved an issue where the Omni-Directional Phaser Beam was not procing correctly.
    • An R&D summary has been added to the Duty Officer Overview page.
    • R&D schools have been removed from the commendation list in the level up rewards window.
    • The single "Show High Level" R&D task filter has been replaced with three separate filter options:
      • Show all R&D tasks.
      • Show R&D tasks with a level requirement at or below the current level.
      • Show R&D tasks that have no missing requirements.
    • Reorganized some of the messaging in the R&D task details page.
    • More messaging has been added to point out what items are needed for a project and why a crafting assignment cannot be started.
  • Powers:
    • Beam Overload:
      • Beam Overload attacks are now always a Critical Hit.
        • Their tooltips have been updated to indicate that they always Critically Hit.
      • Beam Overload no longer drains Weapon Power.
      • Beam Overload's base damage has been reduced by 25% under the hood.
        • Its damage will be higher on average due to 100% Critical chance.
      • Related powers changes:
        • All Power Level drain from Lance-type powers has been removed.
          • For example, the Auxiliary Disruptor Array no longer drains Aux power when fired.
        • Damage and critical chance of all Lance-type powers remains unchanged.
    • The Crit Chance and Crit Severity from Rally Cry can now only stack twice team-wide.
    • The benefit of Captain’s Gain from Squad Command has been reduced.
    • Corrected the tooltip for Lucky to indicate it modifies Expose chance, rather than Exploit chance, and to indicate the actual amount it provides.
    • Vicious Trait tooltip now correctly shows 6% crit severity per stack.
  • Kit Modules:
    • Motivation:
      • Reduced duration from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
      • Increased cooldown from 30 seconds to 45 seconds.
      • Reduced healing maximum before it expires.
      • The effects of Motivation can no longer be stacked by using multiple copies on a team.
    • Deadly Intent:
      • Reduced base duration from 15 seconds to 8 seconds, but this can now be increased with skill in Special Forces.
    • Resolved an issue with all Fluidic Kit Modules, where they were requiring one rank higher than they should have been.
  • Duty Officers:
    • Valuable Duty Officers will no longer be chosen for assignments they could get destroyed in.
    • Added the "Gumarre" Duty Officer to the Dilithium Reclaim Store.
      • Captains can only reclaim him if he is not on the Roster.
      • Captains must have reached 1500 skill in the old/retired Crafting System in order to claim him.
    • New tooltips were added to the duty officer assignment list Result and Reward panes.
      • The new tooltips show the full slot requirements and information, as well as the rewards, risk, and basic outcome percentages.
    • Resolved an issue causing recruitment assignments on the Suliban Cell Ship to not start.
    • Resolved an issue where a Duty Officer mission would stay on the available list for 5-10 seconds after starting it.
      • This would cause some players to attempt to start it again but the start button would be grayed out due to it not actually being available.
    • Resolved an issue where the Duty Officer assignment details page would auto-slot duty officers for completed assignments.
    • Resolved an issue with KDF "Emergency R&D Holograms" so that they now have the correct Specializations.
      • This will apply retroactively to existing versions of these Duty Officers.
    • The Duty Officer assignment list now has a Minimized Details view mode which changes the reward and requirement blocks to icons with the detailed information in its tooltip.
    • Added a filter option to the Duty Officer assignment list to make it so that only assignments with all requirements fulfilled are displayed.
    • Removed the Department Heads tab from the Roster tab.
      • Department Heads is still in the Assignments Tab.
    • Changed the Request More tab to the same banner that appears on the overview.
    • Resolved an issue where the filter options would still be available even if there were less than 6 Duty Officers in the selector list.
      • Filter settings are now only available when there are six or more Duty Officers.
      • Grouping Duty Officers by department now only occurs when the filter pane is open.
    • Resolved an issue where pressing escape could cause the pinned Duty Officer overview windows close.
    • The summary of failed requirements much like that existed in the old UI has been added to the Duty Officer assignments list.
  • A new item has been added to GPL stores: The Subspace Party Nullifier.
    • This will render its owner immune to the jovial effects of the Subspace Party Amplifier for as long as it is held in the inventory.
  • Moved all Hangar Pets out of the "Special Items" tab and into the "Hangar Pets" tab in the Dilithium Store.


  • Bridge Officer passive traits appear in their passives list once again.
  • Small pips have been added to rarity borders to make it easier to distinguish the rarity of an item.
  • Updated Duty Officer frame for ultra-rare and legendary rarities to match the changes made to item rarities.

Known Issues:

  • Replicating needed commodities for Duty Officers assignments is not registered by the assignment when slotted.
    • This is causing players to have to back out of the assignment and then slot it again to start it.
  • The trade channel cannot be left.

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