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I totally love this game... but I need to vent: this happens with every single gosh darn MMO launch.
More players than the server(s) can handle, and there ya are... stuck in a queue.

I have to say... when World of ******** launched, it was the first game of it's kind
to start of with such a huge player base. Even from day 1, the game had more players
waiting to log in that any other MMO had total at that time. Period. This is a fact. And so a queue
was almost expected. Even with a multi-server based world it was hell for a while.

Cryptic... this is 2010... and you opted for the "one shard to rule them all" approach.
I must say I am sorely disappointed in having a two hour (!?) queue slapped in my face
when trying to log in now. Reason? The game says "Broadband Internet Connection
Required To Play"... NO WHERE does it say: "If you pay to play our game, please make
sure you have a few extra hours to spend just waiting to get in."

Beta is over folks... those who argue that "Head Start" is just some sort of Beta
extension... well... if it is, thats clearly -False Advertisement-. Yes it is. If I need to explain
that to anyone, do not bother answering this post.

And to all those who now laugh in the face of those who ASKED for queues in the Beta:
I, for one, never asked for it. Second, I am pretty sure they didn't mean THIS c-r-a-p.

I want to finish with the same sentence I started this with: I totally love this game... BUT...
I simply do not have HOURS to wait just to log in... so this has to be fixed ASAP. I am not
suggesting that this can not, or will not be fixed either... I'm just really sorry this happens
in 2010 with Cryptic, Atari and Star Trek.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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01-31-2010, 02:45 PM
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