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# 1 Take your game and shove it
01-31-2010, 04:17 PM
The game is just one big headache. I had high hopes for it but you have taken what could have been something that would truly stand out in the gaming world and mad it trash. You won't listen to your customers. You won't add servers. I play games to relieve the stress of life and I was getting more stressed over this poor attempt at a game than anything else! It doesn't play like a mmo to start's more like a regular single player game that you happen to be playing around other people. Plus you lump every player that you have in the world on 1 server?!?!? Who was the moron that came up with that idea guys? Well I canceled my preorder with amazon. Wish you hadn't got me all excited just to waste my time and let me down in a huge way. Bye

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