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At least that's what I guess did it. After hitting level 11 and spending my points I got the promotion mission. Then I completed it by buying the QulDun Bird of Prey. It went into my inventory and stayed there. Relogging only deleted the inventory icon for the ship. Accessing the Ship Selector showed no BoP, but it shows in my character screen. Since I didn't have enough money I took a loaner from a friend and purchased the Somraw Raptor.

Here's where the fun part starts. I now have 7 officer slots aboard my raptor. Those from the universal BoP and those from the Raptor. This is a total of 7 T1 skills and 2 T2 ones.

I really wish the GM's worked on the weekends. While it should be cool, it's really just annoying. I want my BoP.

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