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# 1 My STO Adventure.
01-31-2010, 04:02 PM
Well i can say ivep layed a total of 2-3 hours in head start.

My head start experience has been the following....

On a typical day i would leave work hop on STO and level. -Or so you would think.

This is my experience for the past 2-3 days.

1. Come home from work.
2. try to log in.
3. server is down. (quick maintenence) -LMAO seriously remove the "quick."
4. log on wow
5. run heroics.
6. check on STO at the end of every heroic.
7. 8 heroics later i can log in.
8. I log in to a 308 person que.
9. I wait 25 mins in que to get stuck in retreiving character list.
10. Relog.
11. See step 9.
12. Relog and get greeted with server is busy.
13. relog.
14. server is down.
15. Repeat steps 3-15.


Im playing Star trek offline while lvling my wow alts.


Rename the game to Star Trek Offline and make the system requirements less so i can dual box in wow and try to play STO.


-Wonderful Head Start.

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