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Los Gatos, CA --- Cryptic Studios, one of the leading developers of massive multiplayer games, announced
today Game Studio Online, their largest and most ambitious project to date. Game Studio Online will be the first ever MMOG to give players the chance to explore a career in the gaming industry, working though richly detailed scenaios on their way up the corporate ladder .

“We thought carefully about which IP to select for our next game,” said Jack Emmert, chief creative officer of Cryptic Studios. "Our forum research shows that our players are really eager to be put in charge and make all the decisions, and with Game Studio Online they will be able to do everything from quality assurance, to fixing bugs, polishing 3D models, to tweaking balance and setting price models in the executive end game!"

Game Studio Online is all about pushing the limits of software integration, to deliver the most authentic experience possible. Members of the programming class will see a UI that is a pixel perfect recreation of Microsoft Visual Studio , while those who choose the artist class will be immersed in a world that is indistinguishable from the real 3D studio max.

After a brief tutorial, the heart of the gameplay will be generated by Cryptic's Dynamic Assignent System. Everyday when a player logs onto their shift, they will reieve a series of in-game emails detailing their tasks for that gameplay session. The community depends on everyone doing their part, so there will be incentives for assignment completion, such as if a player does a very good job they may be allowed to log off early.

To keep the gamplay always fresh, Jack Emmert says that every six months the overall objective of the community will shift to a new "project." "This has never been seen before in an MMO, the diversity of our project system is amazing, from superheroes, to utopian sci-fi, to tropical horror, and in the weeks leading to launch [a term for the end-of-project events] we often have our players doing epic +60 man raids everynight of the week."

Responding to criticism that their previous games were too casual or lacked difficulty, Cryptic has unveiled their new more-challenging motivation system, which includes a remarkable simuation of the animal sensation of hunger. "In the beginning it will only be their own hunger that the player has to worry about, but we are already planning to include familes and mortgages in an upcoming expansion. Trust me, this game will be hardcore, " said Emmert.
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01-31-2010, 04:18 PM
The Onion is funny.

This is not.

But B+ for effort.


Ok I lied, this is humorous, but The Onion material it is not. :p

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