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01-31-2010, 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by Zathurus View Post
Did they post anywhere when they will be reving up capacity, obviously the advertisements on SCi Fi have worked a bit to well for them
Good way to kill yourself in the future thought. If it comes out that they are doing that you will never get a lifer ever again....or at least people who know of the company won't. Lifers give you up front operating capital for the initial kickoff. we are the ones saying that this thing will be around for more then 2 years. Its a leap of faith and any company that abuses that...well *shrugs* See what happens.
Also there are other smaller considerations though. In game purchases over the years can easily add up. So while lifers aren't going to be giving you money month to month. They are important nonetheless.
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01-31-2010, 05:09 PM
So I started in the queue at 574 out of 594, moved down to 517 outof 624 and then didn't move for a while. I got to 517 out of 847 before suddenly getting in. Played 15 minutes and the "10minute warning" came up.

Hopefully the lifetime and annual subscribers pay for the servers to be expanded.

Because if this isn't fixed within the first month I think the subscription rate after the initial 30 days will fall off quite a bit.

I know I'll be happy to wait a couple of months to see if they get their stuff together before buying any more time. If the same issues of queues and server downtime continue, I will be among the players going elsewhere in search of a reliable game.

And no, it isn't beta any more, and yes, I do expect them to actually be ready for launch...

If you can't play on the weekends, the game is simply no use to me.
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01-31-2010, 05:22 PM
134/457 and it took me 10 min. to log in.

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