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You only have to apply ONCE, if you are on "The List" please DO NOT apply again.

ALERT: Next Drawing @ ?:??am/pm PST
0 - Available Codes!
1 Drawings until "the list" is shuffled

If you do not follow these rules, your offending application is void and you must re-apply.
1: Post in the "required format", explained below.
2: Only post if there are available codes AND There is an ACTIVE DRAWING.
3: Do NOT quote the ENTIRE OP, or the ENTIRE "The List" (Sectional quoting for questions is fine.)

IMPORTANT, You only have to apply once (Unless it is forfeit, see above rules).

Drawings will last 1 hour, and are the only time applications for a shuttle are accepted. At the end of the hour I will go through all applications and pull the one I feel is the most deserving (a.k.a. New Application). After that, "The List" is addressed from the top down.

Message Format:
Why you need the code?
(If it is location, then a general location please. I want to make sure I at least distribute these equally among nations, I may be American but I am not THAT kind of American!)

Overall game rating, or, how long you plan to keep playing
(Self evident, I hope.)
(You do NOT have to use the "color red", you can just make a plain old post )

The List:
"The List" is exactly what it says it is. A list of everyone who has had an accepted application.

I will update "The List" in this format:
1)UserName 1 -- RECEIVED
3)UserName 3 -- NEEDS
Every TWO rounds I will shuffle "The List". So don't get your hopes down if you are at the bottom!

This thread has no guarantees, nor promises. I will do the best I can to meet what I have said, but I am anticipating a HUGE response to this thread. WAY MORE than one person can handle. So I am asking forgiveness in advance, for I am sure I will miss at least one person. Cryptic is here in California too so maybe a DEV or two will post a code during their lunch break(s)?

Please, if you have a shuttle already do not abuse what I am offering. I know it will most likely be anyway, the honor system only works with Klingons

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