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01-31-2010, 04:31 PM
Captain's Log - Stardate - Unknown

A couple of weeks ago, I contemplated acquiring the Star Trek online beta, but upon getting a beta code, and starting the download, I wasn't able to get it. Thanks to a number of reasons (being in australia, being 4km from the exchange, being in a hole), my download speeds made dialup look envious. I gave up, and thought I'd save my money for other purposes.

Then a day before headstart, I looked on steam, and thought - "you know what, why not. I'll give Star Trek online a try" and went ahead and pre-ordered it. I would have been asleep when headstart started - 2am, so I figured I'd wake up in the morning and play.

Apparently not - I load it up from steam, and it starts updating - the update we now all know that downloaded the entire game again. Alright, I thought, live and learn. I'll load up from the proper file the next time. But a 7 hour download time put me right when my mate's bucks party was due to start. OH well.

Sunday came and sunday went - a full day of church meant no game play then. Thankfully, I have Monday and Tuesday off I thought, I can play then.

I wake up, and start Star Trek Online in the correct way, and it STARTS! Hooray. I log in, and start creating my character and then - poof! Server is down for maintenance.

This is my first MMO, and I can't tell yet whether I like them or not, as I haven't been able to get in and play. So I'm not annoyed, as I have no experience to form an opinion off of. But I shall wait, and hopefully, one day, I might be able to get some game time in and form an opinion of this game.

I know that computers can be fickle things, especially when you've got multiple people using them. Perhaps these issues should've been fixed in the beta. Maybe they weren't picked up then. I will have faith. I will continue to have faith up until I have to pay for the next month's subscription. Then, having tried to play the game for a month, my experience will determine whether Cryptic get my money again or not.

I know this. I'm sure Cryptic know this. Which is why they are probably working very hard to ensure that post-release day the game is excellent. Sure, there might be some downtime when they need to fix things, but through downtime, we know that they are there, working, trying to perfect the game that the toughest critics of all, trekkies and gamers, will come to know and love.

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